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Meters & Metering Systems

Nordson meters and metering systems process solvent and water-based paints, adhesives and sealants, and are designed for flexibility, efficiency and consistent coverage.

Angstrom Meter System

Angstrom Meter System Extreme precision meter mix dispense system for 2-part adhesives and sealants

Constant Pressure (CP) Pump

Constant Pressure (CP) Pump The air-powered dual piston CP Pump is a demand-style pump that provides the necessary volume of material to spray guns as needed for maintaining consistent pressure.

Controlled Pressure (CP) Gun

Controlled Pressure (CP) Gun The Nordson Controlled Pressure (CP) gun is specifically designed for robotic application of automotive adhesive and sealant materials.

ISD - Integrated Servo Dispenser

ISD - Integrated Servo Dispenser The ISD meter is available in single-acting or double-acting metering for precise flow of 1-component medium to high viscosity materials

Multi-Cartridge Servo Dispenser

Multi-Cartridge Servo Dispenser Ideal for robotic dispensing of pre-mix 6 oz. and 12 oz. polyethylene cartridges

Non-Loading kV Metering Kit

Non-Loading kV Metering Kit The Nordson non-loading kV meter measures actual output voltage of liquid and powder coating operations in an industrial environment with laboratory precision.

OptiMix™ I Plural Component Metering System

OptiMix™ I Plural Component Metering System The OptiMix™ I plural component system is an electronic mixing and proportioning unit for the processing of solvent and water-based paints

Pro-Flo® Dispensing Module

Pro-Flo® Dispensing Module Pro-Flo® dispensing module is designed for automated bonding and sealing applications using plastisol, epoxy, and other body sealer materials.

Program-A-Bead 3 1-Part Material Dispensing System

Program-A-Bead 3 1-Part Material Dispensing System A servo motor driven 1-component positive rod displacement meter system for dispensing precise beads of medium to high viscosity mastic materials

Pro-Meter® G Series Meter

Pro-Meter® G Series Meter The Pro-Meter® G system precisely dispenses urethanes, silicones, butyls and hot melts in automotive glass bonding and stamping applications.

Pro-Meter® S Series Meter

Pro-Meter® S Series Meter Pro-Meter® S series shot meters robotically apply single-part automotive adhesives and sealant materials.

Pro-Meter® S2K

Pro-Meter® S2K The Pro-Meter® S2K system controls dispense volumes, independent of viscosity changes in the material, in body shop sealing applications.

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