Industrial Coating Systems

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Process Sentry™ PLC System Controller

Robust PLC controls provide complete system monitoring and control of adhesive and sealant dispensing processes

From bulk unloaders to meters and dispense valves, Process Sentry™ displays precise, real-time graphical representations for single- or dual-system control.

  • Large touchscreen interface allows for fast, user-friendly operator interaction
  • Industrial PLC-based controls provide simple on-screen application adjustment, eliminating the need for any software engineer involvement
  • Compact controller reduces footprint for optimal floor space utilization
  • Ability to custom name individual heating elements and zones, increasing operator awareness and reducing training requirements
  • Single communication cable between controller and meter simplifies robot and cell dress out
  • System records full process data, including part IDs, actual and setpoint material dispense volumes, and fault codes
  • Ethernet and USB output ports for flexible data transfers