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NC-1 Driver

The Nordson NC-1 Driver is a stand-alone, single channel gun driver that can be used for two- or three-piece container spray applications using Nordson MEG-type spray guns.  


Electronic monitoring by the NC-1 alerts you of gun open or short circuit errors during operation for fast identification of potential problems on your line. 

  • Stand-alone driver can be used with PLC and other timers
  • Uses configurable trigger inputs – either sink or source – providing flexibility of use with different timers
  • Easily upgradeable to iTrax® System to include timer function and iTrax HMI
  • Can be used with MEG® series guns, A20A/A10A guns and 24 VDC solenoid coils, and in conjunction with CleanSpray® XT guns
  • No potentiometers to adjust the output signal.

ordson-designed electronic power compatible with Nordson spray guns for maximum performance and versatility. 

that can be used with a variety of Nordson spray guns, including MEG® series guns, A20A/A10A guns and 24 VDC solenoid coils. The NC-1 driver can also be used in conjunction with the Nordson CleanSpray® XT gun through an additional independent driver channel.

his configurable driver receives a spray duration signal from a separate timer. Sink or source inputs and type of gun being driven are easily selected and configured using simple jumper connections. Dialing and tuning the output signal with a potentiometer is not needed. 

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile driver can be used with a variety of spray guns, including MEG, Nordson A20A/A10A or other 24VDC powered guns