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Accessories Kits and Auxiliary Equipment

Nordson offers a complete line of accessories and auxiliary equipment for powder coating, liquid painting and spraying and UV curing applications. These include heaters, powder hoppers, gun movers, oscillators, in/out positioners, filters, nozzles, measurement tools, thickness gauges and voltage blocking systems to meet various application needs.

Anti-Static Tubing for Powder Coating Operations

Anti-Static Tubing for Powder Coating Operations Available in three sizes, Nordson’s anti-static powder tubing provides a consistent flow for your powder coating applications.

Automated Triggering System

Automated Triggering System The Nordson® Automated Triggering System (ATS) provides effective control of rotary atomizer and spray-gun trigger points in automatic liquid painting systems.

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System

Bulk Powder Coating Feed System The Nordson bulk powder coating material feed system supplies virgin powder directly from a fiber drum to a hopper/feeder in a continuous, efficient operation.


Chain-Drive-In-Out-Positioner The Chain Drive In/Out Positioner can put powder guns in virtually any position with contouring ability.

Dry Filter Continuous Coater

Dry Filter Continuous Coater The Nordson dry filter continuous coater delivers consistent, high-quality finishes on pipe and tube running at extremely high line speeds.

Encore® Cup Gun Kit

Encore® Cup Gun Kit Cup gun kit combines fast, efficient testing of various powders with the unmatched performance and control of Nordson’s Encore® gun.

Encore® LT Transportable Demonstration Unit

Encore® LT Transportable Demonstration Unit The Encore® Transportable Powder Demonstration System is designed specifically for powder material suppliers, allowing them to conduct easy customer in-plant testing and demonstration.

EPS Series Electrostatic Power Supplies

EPS Series Electrostatic Power Supplies EPS series power supplies produce high-voltage, low-current power for safe, effective electrostatic charging of liquid paints and coatings.

Fluid Regulators - 1209-530 Series

Fluid Regulators - 1209-530 Series The 1209-530 Series mastic fluid regulator provides accurate material regulation for a large variety of applications. Mastic regulators are used where one pump supplies multiple guns to dispense…

Fluid Regulators - 1209-671 Series

Fluid Regulators - 1209-671 Series Engineered for continuous, repetitive operations, the all new 1209-671 material pressure regulator presents a broad range of features all designed to deliver optimum material flow while precisely…

FS10-R30 Flame Detector for Powder Coating

FS10-R30 Flame Detector for Powder Coating The FS10-R30 provides advanced, reliable fire detection, monitoring and process shutdown capability in powder coating operations.

Ink-Dot I.D. System

Ink-Dot I.D. System The Nordson Ink-Dot I.D. System identifies which spray machine is coating each can on the line for immediate identification of production issues.

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