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Automotive and Transportation

Nordson provides unmatched expertise in automotive assembly processes with total system solutions for precision adhesive and sealant dispensing, powder coating and liquid painting. Our systems for the automotive and transportation industries bring production-proven technologies that OEM and Tier One manufacturers can trust.

Our systems enhance productivity and meet production requirements in manufacturing a variety of products, including:

  • Body – Apply structural adhesives to assemble and shape body frames and roof bows.
  • Glass – Apply clear and black primers and film builds that exceed supplier requirements.
  • Sunroof – Create closed-cell foam to prevent air from entering the passenger compartment.
  • Power train – Seal gaskets from leaking fluids while stopping dirt, water, oil and more from entering.
  • Stamping – Optimize product function and appearance with hem flange bonding applications.
  • Lamp assembly – Bond lens covers to prevent dirt and water from damaging lights.
  • Wheels – Powder coating and liquid spraying equipment meet appearance specifications with superior finishes that prevent corrosion and UV damage.


When it comes to wheels, appearances can be deceiving – and costly – for manufacturers in the commercial and consumer transportation industries. A finish that fails to meet appearance specifications can predict failure of performance specifications as well.  It can also result in lengthy – and costly – rework.

As the world’s largest supplier of precision dispensing technologies, Nordson provides complete finishing systems, process controls, and nozzle technology to help you meet those demanding requirements. Whether powder or liquid; waterborne, solvent-based, advanced PVD or UV liquid tie coat; for primer, color or clear coats in chain-on-edge or overhead lines, we have the production-proven electrostatic technology to deliver consistent, high-performance results.