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Hem Flange Adhesive Bonding

Accurate bead placement is critical in hem flange bonding applications to ensure adequate bond strength and avoid material squeeze-out. Nordson systems are ideal for dispensing adhesives and sealants in applications where closely controlled material deposition is required for optimum product function and appearance.


Nordson is the recognized leader in engineered systems for the application of structural adhesives and sealants in harsh automotive manufacturing environments. Our systems for hem flange bonding applications provide precise flow control with changing robot speeds.  As a result, you'll achieve better adhesive profiles and faster cycle times.

To assure application accuracy and operational simplicity, our hem flange bonding systems incorporate the following features for maximum performance:

  • Positive displacement output of material, ensuring precise, repeatable dispensed beads as the robot velocity change
  • The ability to dispense single- and two-component materials
  • Precision application of material in various patterns, including extrude, stream, swirl, spray, ribbon, stitch and surge
  • Modular designs offer maximum serviceability
  • Friendly operator interfaces result in operational simplicity
  • Robust system designs provide durability to withstand severe automotive plant environments
  • All robots are dressed for added efficiency and maximum functionality on the plant floor


Our systems are designed to keep you productive and profitable, while producing the highest quality automotive parts.