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Body Panel Reinforcement

Nordson offers a robust solution for the application of structural adhesives and sound deadening materials for body panel reinforcement.  

Our system dispenses a precise bead pattern to assure that the material does not deform the sheet metal when cured.  The typical body panel reinforcement system configuration uses Nordson Rhino® bulk unloaders; a Nordson CP pump; a temperature conditioning unit and a Nordson Auto-Flo™ dispensing module. Applying the strengthening material allows for a lighter vehicle weight without compromising structural integrity or body stiffness.  This localized reinforcement also helps to reduce denting, metal fatigue and metal-to-metal bonding.

With Nordson adhesive dispensing systems for body panel reinforcement, you'll achieve:

  • Modular designs offer maximum serviceability
  • Automatic on/off valve for accurate deposition and control with sharp material cut off
  • Precision design for single or manifold mounting applications
  • Quick-change packing cartridge can be easily replaced without removing from the automation
  • Friendly operator interfaces result in operational simplicity
  • Robust system designs provide durability to withstand severe automotive plant environments
  • All robots are dressed for added efficiency and maximum functionality on the plant floor


Our systems are designed to keep you productive and profitable, while producing the highest quality automotive parts.