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Nordson Sealant Equipment

Nordson Sealant Equipment Precision dispensing systems for product assembly using 1-part and 2-part adhesive and sealant materials

Pro-Meter® G Series Meter

Pro-Meter® G Series Meter The Pro-Meter® G system precisely dispenses urethanes, silicones, butyls and hot melts in automotive glass bonding and stamping applications.

Pro-Meter® VDK

Pro-Meter® VDK Pro-Meter® VDK dispensing module combines gear metering technology with compact size for precision and control in dispensing high viscosity silicones, butyls, epoxies and hot melt materials.

SureMix™ 2K Dispensing System

SureMix™ 2K Dispensing System The SureMix™ 2K dispensing system combines gear-metering technology with a compact size to provide precision dispensing of two-component materials.

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