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Nordson EFD helps contractors and technicians lower operating costs and increase the quality of their work with a variety of side-by-side and in-line cartridge solutions.

Our dispensing solutions include manual and pneumatic dispensers, static mixers, and other two-component products, which deliver thorough material blending, reduced fluid waste, and greater control over project quality.

Nordson EFD also offers the u-TAH™ Universal Cartridge, an in-line, two-component cartridge system designed for use with standard industrial-grade 1/10 gallon or 310 ml caulking guns. The patented design maintains accurate ratio control in a compact, universal package that eliminates the need for expensive special-purpose dispensing guns.

In addition, our complete line of two-component dispensing accessories increase productivity, including tube extensions, snap-on tips, and low-pressure, air-assisted mixers for two-part coatings.

Related Products

2K u-TAH™ Universal Cartridge

u-TAH® Universal Two Component (2K) Mixer The breakthrough, two-component u-TAH Universal Cartridge looks identical to standard caulking cartridges, yet delivers the most effective, highest quality dispensing in the industry.

2K Disposable Spiral Mixers™

Two Component (2K) Series 160 Disposable Mixers Using simple, time-proven geometry, Nordson EFD’s patented disposable Spiral Mixers deliver complete and thorough mixing for a wide variety of two-component materials.

2K Disposable Square Turbo™ Mixers

Two Component (2K) Series 180A Disposable Mixers Shorter than comparable spiral mixers, Nordson EFD’s square Turbo Mixers allow users to get closer to their application while reducing adhesive waste.

2K 50mL Manual Cartridge Dispensers

Two Component (2K) 50mL Manual Cartridge Dispensers For trouble-free point-of-use dispensing, select Nordson EFD’s 50mL manual 2K cartridge dispensers. Featuring a compact design, these versatile dispensers accept all ratios.

2K Dispense Guns

Two Component (2K) Dispense Guns Nordson EFD offers several 2K dispenser configurations. Lightweight and durable, these tools make applying two-component adhesives quicker and easier.

Equalizer™ 2K Dispensing Tool

Nordson EFD Equalizer

Dispense more accurate, repeatable amounts of two-component materials in 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1 ratios with the Nordson EFD Equalizer 2K Dispensing Tool.

2K Mixer Accessories

Two Component (2K) Manifold Nordson EFD offers 2K mixer accessories for a variety of industrial mixing applications.