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Series 450 Autovalve

The Series 450 autovalve features shut-off pistons, which provide precise control of dot or shot volume. Adjust its seals without disassembly of the valve body for added convenience

The autovalve's dual pistons retract and "snuff back" material from the end of the mixing nozzle, eliminating drool after each shot. Use this durable, reliable pneumatic autovalve as a stationary head or hand-held unit. The valve includes both hard-coated and lubricated pistons.


  • Easy to clean – if cross contamination occurs, the manifold can be removed and cleaned without disassembly of the valve body
  • Flush valve manifold – for cleaning the mixing nozzle with air or solvent
  • Optional stainless steel valve – recommended for corrosive acrylics or epoxies
  • Optional Polytuff, PTFE, Viton®*, and EP seals – for varying chemical formulations and abrasive conditions
  • Optional night cap and ratio check cap – available for 1:1 ratio manifold

Valve, manifold, and handle must be ordered for complete assembly. For high back pressure conditions over 1,000 psi (69 bar), order a double air cylinder.

Series 450RC Recirculating Valve

Also available, the 450RC allows continuous flow of material while still being able to control shut-off at the mixer. Typically used for heated materials or materials with filler that must remain suspended, gear pump applications also benefit because pumps can be kept running while material is shut off at the mixer.

Recirculation occurring at the valve instead of the pump eliminates pressure buildup in the lines, preventing off-ratio dispensing. The valve also incorporates a snuff-back feature that minimizes or eliminates the possibility of material dripping or stringing when the valve shuts off.

Series 450 XT Snuff Back Valve

In response to consumer demand, Nordson EFD also offers an innovative dispense valve specifically for moisture sensitive, two-component urethanes. Any contact with air can cure two-component urethanes, locking up the dispense valve. The 450 XT’s production-proven design eliminates air exposure of wetted shafts.

*Viton® is a registered trademark of DuPont.