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2K Dispense Guns

Nordson EFD offers several 2K dispenser configurations. Lightweight and durable, these tools make applying two-component adhesives quicker and easier.

The 2K dispense guns work primarily with our side x side cartridges, available in sizes 50mL to 1500 mL, and our 380mL coaxial cartridge.

Available Options

Manual Dispense Guns

The manual line of 2K dispense guns offer a portable and ergonomic option for dispensing two-component materials with a 26:1 thrust ratio.

Pneumatic Dispense Guns

Our pneumatic dispense guns use up to 120 psi (8 bar) of air pressure to dispense two-component materials with easy to use controls that help regulate speed.

Cordless Dispense Guns

The cordless line of 2K dispense guns uses an 18 Volt Lithium Ion battery and includes user-friendly features to conveniently dispense two-component materials with up to 431 kg (950 lb) of force.

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