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Side x Side Two Component Cartridges

Nordson EFD offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, competitively-priced side x side cartridges for packaging and dispensing two-component materials used in automotive, construction, industrial, medical, and dental applications.

Our side x side cartridges feature a rugged, one-piece design that resists bulging to ensure on-ratio dispensing.

Available Options

50mL Bayonet Cartridge System

Also known as our 50mL 1:1 Open End cartridge, it provides increased strength during dispensing while minimizing blow-by. Molded “open,” it comes pre-assembled with our same superior plug closure. Available in both PP and nylon. 

200mL Cartridge System

Holding 100mL in each side, this cartridge system features 1:1 and 2:1 ratios, total volume capacity of 215mL for 1:1 and 222mL for 2:1, sturdy one-piece design, and fits industry standard dispensers.

300mL Cartridge System

Featuring a total volume capacity of 323mL and 1:1 ratio, this cartridge system uses the same cost-effective closed-end design as other EFD cartridges. It offers superior quality at a significant cost savings.

400mL Cartridge System

This cartridge system features 406mL total volume capacity, 1:1 ratio, high quality one-piece design, and fits industry standard dispensers. It’s available from stock open or closed outlet.

600mL Cartridge System

Featuring 1:1 ratio and 630mL total volume capacity in a sturdy one-piece design, this cartridge system is only available in a closed end version and fits industry standard dispensers.

1500mL Cartridge System

Ideal for high-volume applications, this system’s large capacity reduces changeovers. It features 750mL x 750mL capacity in 1:1 ratio. Compatible with standard 2K mixers, its resealable outlet minimizes waste.

Custom Packaging

Nordson EFD’s engineering staff will work with you to create packaging specific to your applications. Our expertise in product design and prototyping allows us to design nearly any type of packaging for any type of application and assembly fluid.


SC-2 Single Component Dispenser
Designed with an 8:1 mechanical advantage, this dispenser provides sufficient force to dispense paste and is available in 10mL to 30mL volume capacities. It’s used for precision dispensing mounting of liquids and paste.

Available in standard and “high travel” versions, each dispenser is lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed with easy twist-on cartridge mounting, finger tip dispensing for accurate volume control of the dispensed liquid, and a push button plunger release.

Unidose Syringe
Ideal for medical or dental applications, this 0.5mL volume 1:1 ratio syringe is manual and intended for single use applications.

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