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Ultimus I-III Automatic Fluid Dispensers

Featuring time adjustment as fine as 0.0001 seconds, Ultimus™ I-III dispensers bring exceptional control to medical device, electronics, and other critical dispensing processes.

Ultimus™ I-III Automatic Fluid Dispensers also feature 16 memory settings, simultaneous digital display of all dispenser settings and the four-decimal time setting, operator security lockout, multilingual display, a high-speed solenoid for highly accurate deposits, and a universal power supply.

Ultimus I Automatic Fluid Dispenser
Handles all fluids and features a 0-100 psi (0-7 bar) pressure regulator.

Ultimus II Automatic Fluid Dispenser
Provides greater control when dispensing thin fluids and features a 0-15 psi (0-1 bar) pressure regulator.

Ultimus III Automatic Fluid Dispenser
Dispenses micro-deposits of solvents and other very thin fluids and features a 0-5 psi (0-0.35 bar) pressure regulator.