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Cartridge Filling Systems

The Atlas™ Cartridge Filling System from Nordson EFD provides an easy, cost-effective way to bottom fill 2.5 oz to 32 oz (75 ml to 960 ml) cartridges with consistent amounts of material.

In addition to handling viscosities from 2,000 to 750,000 cps, our cartridge filling system provides accurate, repeatable filling to achieve consistent fill weights. It is ideal for material suppliers, custom packagers, and for in house down-packing.

Other Benefits

  • Rework and overfill elimination
  • Easy setup and changeover
  • Sensors that work with all color cartridges and pistons
  • A compact, lightweight portable design
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance

Always evaluate fluid properties before using the cartridge filling system. Fluids thick enough to have minimal dripping or spill out when bottom filled work best with this system.