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ESD-safe Tips

Optimum® ESD-safe dispensing tips prevent static buildup and damage to fragile semiconductors and printed circuit boards – minimizing costly rejects.

Designed for precision fluid applications used in manufacturing mobile devices, fiber optics, and other electronic devices, these electrostatic dissipative dispense tips provide the highly accurate, repeatable micro-deposits required as the density of electronic components increase.

Molded from non-carbon, inert material that’s safe to use with sensitive fluids, Optimum ESD-safe dispense tips meet industry standards that ensure static will not be transferred while dispensing, thereby reducing any potential shock that can harm electronic components.

Unique SafetyLok™ hub threads ensure safe, secure attachment to syringe barrels. Each hub is also manufactured and quality-tested to be free of molding flash – bits of plastic that can block fluid flow and cause inconsistent deposits.

All Optimum dispensing tips are manufactured in the USA in silicone-free facilities to prevent fluid contamination and are certified for industrial use. Tips are also packaged in clear boxes for easy inventory control – with lot numbers, part numbers, and other information clearly labeled for greater process control and traceability.

Tapered ESD-safe Tips
Gauge Color ID Part Number Qty/ Box
18 Black
0.84 mm
7018150 50
20 Black
0.58 mm
7018211 50
25 Black
0.25 mm
7018373 50
27 Black
0.20 mm
7362865 50
Chamfered ESD-safe Tips
33 Black
0.10 mm
7018477 25
Blunt-end ESD-safe Tips
30 Black
0.15 mm
7018448 50