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Liquidyn V200 Valve Controllers

The multi-functional Liquidyn® V200 controller provides safe, easy operation of the Liquidyn P-Jet CT and Liquidyn P-Dot CT jet valves and greater control over dispensing outcomes.

By providing control of dispensing parameters, the Liquidyn V200 makes it possible to optimize valve performance. Two precision pressure regulators and a digital display make it easy to adjust parameters to get the perfect deposit.

Because it’s designed to adapt to nearly every kind of application, the controller is a powerful addition to any Liquidyn P-Jet CT or Liquidyn P-Dot CT jetting system.

In addition, the Liquidyn V200 controller requires low voltage to operate, making it safe to integrate into benchtop and automated dispensing processes.


  • Programmable dispensing parameters – up to four programs
  • Continuous shot operation up to 150Hz (P-Dot) and 280Hz (P-Jet)
  • Display of actual pressure and temperature readings
  • Setpoint Counter sets the number of shots and displays the number of shots deposited

Compatible Valves