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End Caps & Outlet Caps

Optimum® cartridge end caps provide an airtight seal at the top of cartridges. Threaded, self-venting outlet caps prevent leaks and keep air from being introduced into the fluid.

End caps prevent leaks and fluid contamination by fitting securely over cartridge flanges. A central pushbutton presses the end cap against the cartridge wall, forming an airtight seal.

A large, ribbed gripping area simplifies manual installation of Optimum cartridge outlet caps. Precision molded threads and a tapered seat provide a tight, leak proof leakproof seal. A recessed hex molded into the cap exterior allows easy installation with automated dispensing equipment.

End caps and outlet caps are available in 2.5 oz (75 ml), 6 oz (180 ml), 12 oz (360 ml), 20 oz (600 ml) and 32 oz (960 ml) capacities.

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