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Accessories, Kits & Auxiliary Equipment

Nordson EFD accessories, kits, and auxiliary equipment make specific tasks and applications easier to accomplish with a greater degree of precision.

Choose from 2K mixer accessories to lubrication system accessories to maximize productivity or learn more about EFD valves and automated dispensing systems.

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2K Mixer Accessories

2K Mixer Accessories Nordson EFD offers 2K mixer accessories for a variety of industrial mixing applications.

Atlas™ 2K Piston Inserter

Atlas™ 2K Piston Inserter The Nordson EFD Atlas 2K Piston Inserter is a fast, convenient, and cost-effective way to install our revolutionary AF Air Free pistons in 50mL, 200mL, and 300mL Side x Side cartridges.

Automated Dispensing System Accessories

Automated Dispensing System Accessories Nordson EFD automated dispensing system accessories increase capabilities, and simplify integration into existing manufacturing lines.

BackPack™ Valve Actuator

BackPack™ Valve Actuator Achieve valve actuation speeds as fast as 5 to 6 milliseconds by adding the BackPack valve actuator to your Nordson EFD precision dispense valve. Reduce the possibility of shot size variation due to…

BaitGun Accessories

Use BaitGun accessories for added convenience and to maximize the use of your EFD bait dispenser.

Cleaning Stations

Cleaning Stations For automated nozzle cleaning of jet valves and needle valves.

Fluid Pressure Booster

Fluid Pressure Booster Nordson EFD Fluid Pressure Booster is designed to help move thick materials from a tank or cartridge to an EFD precision valve by boosting dispense pressure up to 100 bar.

Laser Light Barrier

Laser Light Barrier Detect each fluid deposit dispensed by your Nordson EFD Liquidyn® jetting valve with our innovative, cost-effective Laser Light Barrier.

Lubrication System Accessories

Lubrication System Accessories Control the pressure used to operate a MicroCoat® system or provide a consistent fluid feed to the MC800 lubrication system with these accessories from Nordson EFD.  

ProcessMate™ 100 Vacuum Pickup System

ProcessMate™ 100 Vacuum Pickup System The ProcessMate 100 Vacuum Pickup System provides a simple, efficient way to lift and position small or delicate components in benchtop assembly processes to maximize efficiency.

ProcessMate™ 5000 Universal Centrifuge

ProcessMate™ 5000 Universal Centrifuge Quickly and efficiently remove entrapped air from fluid packaged in syringes with the benchtop ProcessMate 5000 Universal Centrifuge.

ProcessMate™ 6500 Temperature Control Unit

ProcessMate™ 6500 Temperature Control Unit Prevent material degradation and eliminate deposit size variation with the ProcessMate 6500 Temperature Control Unit from Nordson EFD.

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