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Fluid Pressure Booster

Fluid Pressure Booster Nordson EFD Fluid Pressure Booster is designed to help move thick materials from a tank or cartridge to an EFD precision valve by boosting dispense pressure up to 100 bar.

PICO® Pµlse™ Contact Dispense Valve

PICO® Pµlse™ Contact Dispense Valve The PICO Pµlse contact dispense valve helps eliminate surge at the beginning and end of lines and stripes. Use with a wide range of dispense tips.

PICO® Pµlse™ Jet Dispensing Valve

PICO® Pµlse™ Jet Dispensing Valve Nordson EFD’s PICO Pµlse exchangeable, modular jet valve technology dispenses with industry-leading accuracy and speed to apply very precise, repeatable micro-deposits at 1000Hz continuous and bursts…

Ultimus™ I-III Dispensers

Ultimus™ I-III Dispensers Featuring time adjustment as fine as 0.0001 seconds, Ultimus I-III dispensers bring exceptional control to medical device, electronics, and other critical dispensing processes.

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