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Nordson DAGE provide a range of wafer testing solutions for varying wafer sizes. The 4000Plus tester caters for 2 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch wafers whilst the 4800 tester caters for up to 200mm, 300mm and 450mm.

Please consult the factory for specialist applications greater than 300mm. Both wafer handling and testing can be done either manually or automatically.

Specialised software provides the ultimate flexibility for the creation and mapping of wafers enabling quick and precise set-up of test patterns.

Dependent on the acuteness you are able to successfully test warped and thin wafers with the edge lift smart chuck. The unique design where the edge lift pins ensures that warped or thin wafers cannot slide off the chuck whilst the gradual vacuum pressure enables optimum vacuum on the wafer.

The Nordson DAGE wafer testing system can be used stand alone or fully integrated with both bench top and floor standing automatic wafer handling equipment. Auto-handling of wafers eliminates the risk associated with handling of fragile wafers manually, resulting in reduced damage and contamination. The semi-automatic bond test routines provide load tool to bump alignment, providing increased bump test throughput.
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Quadra™ 7

Quadra™ 7 The Complete X-ray Inspection System. The Quadra™ 7 is designed to deliver unbelievable levels of inspection, speed and ease of use for the demanding   electronics market; perfect for any research,…

4800 Integra™

4800 Integra™ The Nordson DAGE 4800 Integra is a complete solution for automated on wafer bond testing.

Quadra™ 5

Quadra™ 5 The Flexible X-ray Inspection System. The Quadra™ 5 with industry leading core technology offers high performance and ease of use for 2D and 3D X-ray  applications makes the Quadra 5 the leading…

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option

Computerized Tomography (CT) Option The Nordson DAGE µCT inspection option provides Computerized Tomography (CT) functionality to compliment the 2D X-ray investigations on Nordson DAGE X-ray inspection systems

Heated Stage X-ray Option

Heated Stage X-ray Option The Heated Stage is specifically designed to observe solder paste flow in real time. The ability to simulate the temperature environment of a thermal oven or that of an external environment makes…

X-Plane System Option

X-Plane System Option Watch the video to find out more about X-Plane System option. 

XD7500VR Jade FP

XD7500VR Jade FP New system delivers high technology in cost effective platform

XD7600NT Diamond FP

XD7600NT Diamond FP Ultimate Flat Panel X-ray Inspection System The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Diamond FP X-ray inspection system uses the latest technology, flat panel detector to provide the ultimate choice for the…

XD7600NT Diamond X-ray Inspection System

XD7600NT Diamond X-ray Inspection System Now with X-Plane™ option, The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Diamond X-ray Inspection System is the ultimate choice for obtaining the highest magnification X-ray imaging .

XD7600NT Ruby

XD7600NT Ruby XD7600NT Ruby The Benchmark for Demanding Production Applications  The Nordson DAGE XD7600NT Ruby X-ray inspection system is the benchmark system for the most demanding production applications.…

XD7600NT Ruby FP

XD7600NT Ruby FP With 2 Mpixel Radiation Resistant Flat Panel Detector The First Choice for Live Imaging and Demanding Applications

XD7800NT Ruby XL

XD7800NT Ruby XL The Solution for Large Board Applications

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