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4300FP - Semi-Automatic Wafer Bump Testing

The Nordson DAGE 4300FP eliminates manual handling of expensive wafers.  It improves cleanliness through isolation of bondtester and wafer handler and increases productivity through semi-automatic testing.

  • Shear testing using Nordson DAGE's patented air bearing frictionless intelligent load cell system
  • Fully automatic wafer handling via customer's third party robot handler (SMIF/FOUP) equipment
  • Wafer handler and bondtester can operate in isolated environment with minimum operator interaction
  • Joystick manipulation of 100% of wafer surface under test head without repositioning of wafer
  • Semi-automatic test routines using 2 reference points (no camera system required) per wafer enable bondtesting to the entire wafer surface without repositioning
  • 460mm x 300mm  XY stage with robot compatible chuck.  Pneumatically operated pins allow wafer exchange using a robot handler
  • 360 degree load tool rotation - optional
  • Automatic calibration and linearity checks
  • Integrated analysis including statistics and SPC functions
  • ODBC compliant