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Precise dispensing and fast application of primer materials with DispenseJet® and micro spray jet technology from Nordson ASYMTEK

Primer materials are commonly used for pre-treating surfaces prior to application of other materials or elements, such as pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. In the case of primer dispensing before tape, the primer helps to increase the adhesive strength of the tape, allowing for reduction of the required tape contact area to achieve the desired adhesion strength. Depending upon the size and location of the target location for the primer, jetting or spray coating may be used to dispense the primer fluid.

Nordson ASYMTEK provides high accuracy systems for jetting and spray coating of primer materials. Jetting dots provides distinct edge definition and offer good coverage in hard to reach areas like corners or around tall board components or obstructions. Precision spray jetting technology, as small as 2mm line widths, provides uniform thickness over larger areas than jetting with added flexibility of pulse spraying or long lines. Precise thickness of the coating can be achieved by dispensing thin layers of material and utilizing multi-pass jetting or spraying.

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