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Nordson ASYMTEK offers a range of dispensing systems and valves to meet encapsulation and fill requirements in the R&D lab to production

Chip Encapsulation and Cavity Fill

Chip encapsulation on lead frames, ceramic substrates, PCBs, cavity packages and even LED assemblies requires an accurate amount of encapsulation material to protect the chip in the packaging. Dam and fill dispensing typically encapsulates wire bonds and die. Encapsulant materials are usually made of epoxy but sometimes other materials are used, like silicones. Cavity packages provide a readymade, simple method of packaging many types of devices from integrated circuits to MEMS. Cavity filling provides a level of protection for these devices.

Nordson ASYMTEK offers a range of automated dispensing systems that can dispense all materials used in chip encapsulation and cavity fill. Superior volumetric control delivers accurate fill heights for consistent wirebond coverage and fills flatness.

Nordson ASYMTEK has a valve and system to meet your requirements from R&D lab to production.

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