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It is our goal to serve as the leading authority on dispensing and conformal coating topics that matter to semiconductor and electronics manufacturers — from techniques and best practices to emerging trends and technology solutions – everything you need for dispensing and coating success. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive application tips, how-to’s, and solutions.

Jet Underfill into Narrow Gaps and Increase Productivity

Fill the Gap Underfill

The IntelliJet® Jetting System is designed to meet unique requirements

Automatic Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing: How it Works

ADS Abstract Improve UPH and automatically accommodate component height variations and skew

Understanding Conformal Coating Mechanisms

sc-280 fan rollup

Learn how to mitigate curing issues

Conformal Coating Selection Guide

Conformal Coating Applicators Abstract Choose the right applicator to meet your application requirements

Customer Success: Two-Component Epoxy Dispensing

Automated two comp. epoxy rollup

A successful transition to automated encapsulation for pacemaker assemblies

How to Monitor and Track Height Sense Data

Laser Height Sensor

Maintaining consistent valve distance from the part during high-volume manufacturing

Reveal More When Measuring In-Flight Drop Diameter

Droplet rollup

With today's demand for miniaturization and higher density, measuring the droplet after hitting the target may not be enough to prevent errors

Conformal Coating: Offline Programming

Easy Coat 6

Avoid programming on the system – program offline to increase production

TIM’s: Dispensing Challenges and Solutions

TIM Challenges

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) presents major challenges for electronics packaging

Solve Fiducial Finding Issues with Shape Finder

Shape Finder

Shape Finder in Fluidmove® software overcomes variations that complicate fiducial finding

Coating and Dispensing Accuracy at High Velocities

Offset Calibratoin

Use offset calibration to compensate for the effects of rapid motion

Protecting Circuitry with Nano-Coating

Nano Coating

Nano-coating materials serve as alternatives to traditional conformal coatings

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