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Free-Standing Loaders/Unloaders Original Product Page

This product is no longer sold. It will be supported until December 2017. See the MH-900 loaders/unloaders for a replacement product.

Information on this page is provided is for reference only.

Nordson ASYMTEK's  free-standing upstream and down-stream loaders provide flexible integration for factory processes. SMEMA-standard hardware and software protocols provide simplified integration with part handling and processing equipment for in-line system applications. For stand-alone workcell applications, these loaders are designed to automatically index process carriers and lead frames in and out of magazines.


  • Specifically designed for Asymtek’s in-line dispensing systems
  • Input and output capacity for multiple magazines is provided, allowing systems to run consistent production cycles for extended periods of time with minimal assistance
  • Fully programmable for magazine pitch and width, the loaders are capable of sequencing magazines and carriers in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • Easily integrated with a wide variety of factory equipment
  • Extend MTTA (Mean Time To Assist) and maximize production utilization with multiple magazine loading
  • Store up to 10 programs to manage different magazine and part sizes for rapid process changeover
  • LoaderMoveWindows® based software makes programming quick and easy
  • Multiple programs can be stored in a single loader for quick product changeover, maximizing production uptime
  • Small footprint reduces overall line length
  • SMEMA compatible
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