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C-730 Original Product Page

This product is no longer sold. It will be supported until December 2017. See the Spectrum II fluid dispensing system for a replacement product.

Information on this page is provided is for reference only.

This innovative system replaces the high-maintenance dipping operation often performed within precision component placement equipment, maximizing production speed and increasing machine utilization by as much as 30 percent.

Using a dedicated fluxing system also eliminates contamination of the flux itself. The fully enclosed and vented Century Flux system delivers a continuous supply of fresh material to ensure repeatable application of flux with consistent film thicknesses.

The C-730 uses the DJ-2200 DispenseJet® valve to provide 100-percent coverage of the flux area with thin film builds as low as 5 µm (0.2 mils). The combination of low film builds and excellent edge definition minimizes flux residue, enhances part reliability, and reduces or eliminates cleaning.

To enhance overall production integration, the Century Flux dispensing system is equipped with conveyors and supports industry-standard SMEMA-compliant interfaces. Asymtek designed the system to integrate equally well into both advanced semiconductor packaging and SMT lines. It is ergonomically designed and has a compact 914 x 1041 mm (36 x 41 in.) footprint. Safety interlocks and an emergency stop are standard.

The Century Flux system’s 3-axis motion control system, precision fluid control, and vacuum purge station ensure a high degree of accuracy throughout the dispensing cycle. Our Fluidmove® for Windows XP® software and teach camera facilitate quick and efficient programming within a familiar Windows XP environment. The FmXP software allows different flux thickness settings per die and bump size.


  • Cost-effective selective flux dispensing system replaces dipping, maximizing machine utilization and increasing yields
  • With easy-to-use FmXP software, flux thickness can be modified to accommodate different die and bump sizes per board
  • The Century Flux system’s closed fluid system requires minimal maintenance for maximum uptime
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