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C-718 Original Product Page

This product is no longer sold. It will be supported until February 2018. See the Spectrum II fluid dispensing system for a replacement product.

The related C-718-NORD is no longer sold or supported. See the Select Coat® conformal coating system for a replacement product.

Information on this page is provided is for reference only.

Equipped with the efficient, non-contact DJ-9000 DispenseJet® valve, the Century C-718 dispensing system delivers sustained throughput at close to the maximum speed of its X-Y positioning table.

The Century SMT system uses a fast, overhead gantry positioning system that is optimized for smooth balanced performance within mid-range production line environments. It can deliver speeds of up to 20,000 dots per hour using the DispenseJet valve. The Century C-718 system is fully supported by Nordson ASYMTEK’s exclusive Fluidmove® for Windows® software, which allows users to quickly and efficiently build dispensing programs within a familiar Windows environment. Targeted for mid-range dispensing applications including Surface Mount Adhesive, Solder Paste, Solder Mask and RTV dispensing. The Century C-718 dispensing system can be easily configured for a range of in-line dispensing operations.

The DispenseJet non-contact valve consistently shoots the adhesive fluid onto the PCB substrate from a uniform height of approximately 1.5 mm above the board, with minimal vertical motion or physical height sensing inherent to needle-based systems. Multiple dot sizes can be efficiently produced with a single DispenseJet valve simply by programming the system to shoot multiple dots in the same location.

Closed-loop temperature control and constant positive pressure systems maintain the consistency of the adhesive throughout the dispensing process and contribute to dot repeatability levels. In addition, the Century C-718 system’s proven positioning system consistently provides a high degree of accuracy. Rapid fiducial registration and positioning correction are accomplished through incorporation of a state-of-the-art vision system. To enhance overall production integration, the Century C-718 dispensing system supports industry-standard SMEMA-compliant interfaces.


  • Cost-effective SMT dispensing for mid-range production environments
  • Adhesive dispensing throughput of up to 20,000 dots per hour using the non-contact DispenseJet valve
  • Robust production-proven positioning system
  • Fully-programmable using powerful Windows-based Fluidmove® software
  • SMEMA compatibility for in-line processing
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