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C-708 Original Product Page

This product is no longer sold. It will be supported until February 2018. See the DispenseMate® fluid dispensing system for a replacement product.

Information on this page is provided is for reference only.

The Century Series Automated Fluid Dispensing System is an affordable and fully automated fluid dispensing system, capable of handling a wide range of applications.

The Century Series integrates safety standards and automated fluid delivery in an attractive, ergonomic design. The system features a membrane front panel that is divided into functional areas of operation: Programming, Run, System Status and Safety Interlock.


  • Batch dispensing for a wide range of applications for low volume production, as well as lab and prototype environments
  • Excellent X-Y placement accuracy of 0.13 mm (0.005 in.)
  • From initial set-up, Fluidmove® software uses an easy step-by step programming approach
  • Patterns can be saved and retreived from the macro library, making it easy to create new programs
  • Key safety features meet TUV (CE) standards
  • Emergency stop button (E-STOP) quickly removes all system power
  • ESD-resistant front doors with safety interlock
  • Clear side panels and integrated lighting allow viewing of dispensing area
  • Membrane front panel is resistant to corrosive fluids and easily cleaned
  • Integrated I/O, with 24 user-accessible inputs and outputs
  • Closed-loop back-EMF valve speed control on front panel
  • A light beacon for machine status

Recommended Applications

  • Bonding 
  • Sealing 
  • Gasketing
  • Painting 
  • Lubrication

Productivity Enhancements

  • NS needle sensor for detecting changes in needle position
  • Slim Line height sensor that compensates for board warpage
  • TF tooling fixture for mechanical part fixturing
  • HT needle heater to control fluid viscosity during dispensing
  • Light Curtains

System Compatible Dispensing Pumps/Valves

  • DV-01 Syringe Valve
  • DV-02 Pinch-Tube Valve
  • DV-05A Adjustable Diaphragm Valve
  • DV-07 Precision Diaphragm Valve
  • DV-09 Precision Needle Valve
  • DV-7000 Heli-Flow® auger Pump
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