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MH-900 Loader/Unloader System

The latest generation MH-900 material handling system sets new standards for safe and reliable loading/unloading of everything from thin strip magazines to large pallets


The MH-900 system is configurable for in-line or same-side load and unload operation, and supports both single or dual lane conveyors. Loader controls can be integrated with the Spectrum II or Quantum® systems or operate independently with other SMEMA equipment. The loaders easily manage a wide range of parts – from extremely thin frames or strips to large heavy boats or pallets. Capacity is flexible; the system can handle multiple magazines for reduced loading frequency. PLC control enables future expandability when process needs change. Changeover to different magazine and part sizes is quick and easy – no investment in different pusher tips or expensive tooling is required. An optional second shelf increases capacity for reduced loading frequency.

Advanced Process Control

Adjustable transport speed and carrier staging maximize UPH, while multiple carrier sensors, active pinch wheels and thin strip guides ensure safe handling for the most challenging applications. The side door slides open for loading magazines into adjustable spring-loaded trays, and a vertical elevator moves them into loading position. A frame sensor identifies the next available frame, significantly reducing search time for partially filled magazines. Frames are carefully pulled from the magazine and through the system by a soft-touch gripper and active pinch wheels. Elevator and shuttle operate independently with programmable speed to provide precise, high-speed movement. Programmed shuttle positions simplify setup and ensure continuous dispensing by moving frames to the next available lane. The shuttle also enables processing a single magazine on multiple lanes. Frame-mapping sensors eliminate time lost attempting to unload empty magazine slots and prevent double-loading in full slots. Adjustable thin strip guides ensure strips, whether flat, warped, or bent, are properly loaded into the finished magazine. The MH-900 loaders are fully enclosed with interlocked doors and windows for operator safety and part security. Access panels are easily removed, and built-in software maintenance tools make servicing easy. Robust system mechanics and a rigid enclosure ensure precise operation and reduced potential for jamming.

LoadermoveTouch Software and Control System

Programs are easy to write with step-by-step instructions and a 147-mm color touch screen. Users can program magazines to process from the bottom or top, and to move frames to the next available lane or to a specific lane when traceability and lot control are required.


  • Integrated dispensing and dual-lane material handling minimize footprint
  • Extensive magazine loading capacity maximizes UPH
  • Multiple workcell configurations include same-side load and unload and loader and unloader
  • Safe and reliable loading of a wide variety of parts, from very thin strips to large carriers
  • Multiple sensors enable sophisticated jam detection and prevention
  • Independent operation with other SMEMA equipment adds flexibility
  • LoadermoveTouch software makes programming easy and straightforward
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