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High Resolution Monocle Vision Package (MVP)

The Monocle Vision Package (MVP) offers larger fields of view with higher resolution images that produce better targeting for accurate and consistent dot placement

As packaging and devices become smaller, board and wafer densities become higher, and substrates lose contrast or reflectivity, new capabilities for automatically recognizing parts and target dispense locations are necessary. Utilizing a new, high resolution 1.4M-pixel camera, telecentric optical lenses, 5 independently controlled on- and off-axis light sources, and new software fiducial finding capabilities, the Monocle Vision Package (MVP) easily handles new vision system challenges to enhance total system wet dispense accuracy.

Higher resolution image capture with the MVP allows for larger, expansive fields of view (up to 20mm x 15mm) and smaller pixel-to-micron ratios than prior generation vision systems to improve fiducial finding and achieve more accurate targeting of your desired dispense position. The telecentric lenses further improve fiducial finding accuracy when fiducials are off-center from in the field of view, reducing parallax errors from more traditional optics by as much as 30µm. The independent on- and off-axis lighting controls allow you to create contrast to adequately view substrates no matter if the substrate is highly reflective or highly diffuse.

New software features built into Nordson ASYMTEK’s Fluidmove® software suite further enhance productivity and equipment up-time. When your substrate reflectivity varies from multiple supply chain sources, alternate fiducial chains allow the dispensing system to adjust for these batch variations automatically, reducing operator dependence. When you need to maintain a single process program across multiple dispense systems in your high production environment running multiple part types, your dispense pattern can be automatically changed by finding different fiducials. When you have parts with non-rectangular, "odd form" fiducials, new shape finding fiducial capturing can search out these "odd-form" shapes to return accurate finds and dispense location targets.

The Monocle Vision Package is the vision system you want when you need to find a target dispense location automatically and accurately - every time.

  • Combination on- & off-axis lighting in a single package

  • Increased resolution camera image improves fiducial finding accuracy and provides a larger field of view

  • Digital zoom capabilities in Fluidmove software allow operators to get close-up view of parts even with low magnification optics

  • New lens options improve fiducial finding accuracy at the edges of the field of view

  • Available on Spectrum series systems

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