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Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing

Two jets, pumps or valves can cut dispense time in half with Nordson ASYMTEK's Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing

Dispense time is at least 2X faster with dual-simultaneous dispensing when compared to single-jet or single-valve dispensing, resulting in higher units-per-hour without having to purchase an additional dispensing system. The dual-simultaneous options from Nordson ASYMTEK mount two of the same jet/valve (with the same fluid) on one Z-head to dispense repeated patterns with each valve simultaneously. Dual-simultaneous dispensing is ideally suited for applications with multi-up, panelized, or patterned parts with consistent spacing. New Automatic Dual Simultaneous (ADS) systems further enhance the dual-simultaneous performance by automatically adjusting the relative positions of the two valves in X, Y, and Z axes.

Using global fiducials, the ADS system (available on the Spectrum™ II system) can detect workpiece rotational skew and then adjust the positions of the two jets/valves to maintain a consistent pitch between them to accommodate the skew. Additionally, with local fiducials, the ADS system can automatically adjust jet/valve positions for lateral translation shifting on individual parts. For substrates that have inconsistent surface height or flatness, the ADS system is also able to independently adjust the Z-height of each jet/valve to ensure a consistent dispense gap and achieve consistent line quality.

When dispensing simultaneously it is critical that both jets and/or valves deliver the same mass. Dual-simultaneous dispensing, in conjunction with Nordson ASYMTEK's CPJ+ technology, ensures that flow rates for both jets and/or valves deliver the same mass per part for uniform deposition. The system automatically compensates for fluid viscosity changes over time as well as batch-to-batch variations to keep the process under control. Dual-simultaneous cuts dispense time in half, while CPJ+ technology increases dispense accuracy for higher yields and ensures consistent cycle times for improved process capability (CpK).

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