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Continuous Path Motion Control

Continuous Path Motion Control maintains a continuous speed and direction during dispensing thus saving dispense time and increasing UPH

Continuous Path Motion Control eliminates the need for backtracking, acceleration, and deceleration during the dispensing process. Nordson ASYMTEK's proprietary, patented (covered by US Patent 8,765,212 and other patents pending), Continuous Path Motion Control software has been developed for jetting underfill for flip chip devices and a variety of different die configurations. In this process, instead of stopping to move between die, backtracking, ramping to speed, dispensing, and decelerating, the dispense head maintains a continuous speed and direction throughout the process.

This continuous path software feature saves significant time when spacing between die is small, by enabling continuous motion at high dispense speeds. The dispense head is programmed to jet (dispense) the exact amount of fluid in precisely the correct place. As a result, UPH will increase for underfill dispensing. However, cycle time savings is not an exact reflection of UPH improvement, because the underfill process involves many steps. These include loading/unloading, detecting the fiducials, height sensing, and dispensing (or jetting), which includes both dispensing and non-dispensing movements.

New applications that require underfilling of parts that are smaller and closer together, especially where volume production and speed are required in manufacturing, are pushing manufacturers to explore new methods for applying underfill. Using continuous path motion control enables the manufacturer to take advantage of the increased speed that results from thinner, more closely spaced die.

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