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Four-Position Tilt Accessory

The Four-Position Tilt Accessory enables the SC-300 and SC-400 conformal coating applicators to coat four sides of a part or areas not accessible from the standard vertical approach

The Four-Position Tilt accessory is ideal for coating component sides or underneath components on a printed circuit board. In addition to the standard upright position, this option allows the applicator to tilt in four positions; left, right, forward and backward in 90 degree increments.

With the Four-Position Tilt accessory, a programmer can utilize multiple positions to ensure optimal coverage of a product. Easy Coat® software has fully integrated controls, which simplify programming by adding a tilt parameter to each coating element done with the applicator. Furthermore, the flexibility of the software allows a programmer to modify a coating element preference at any time, and adjust for the tilt.

The Four-Position Tilt accessory easily mounts directly onto the Z-head of Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Coat® conformal coating system. The applicator then mounts onto the accessory. A pressure regulator and flow control fittings complete the set-up. Software reconfiguration for the tilt accessory is easy and the tilt function is available and ready for use in minutes.


  • Conformal coating access in four tilt positions
  • Software controlled
  • Easy to integrate on conformal coating systems
  • Available for the SC-300 and SC-400 applicators
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