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Flow Monitoring System

The patented Flow Monitoring System aids in closing the dispensing loop for conformal coating and confirms that products have been coated with the correct amount of material, which maximizes quality and yield

The Flow Monitoring system measures the volume of material dispensed on a product against an established target. Within the program, measuring points can be defined and respective target values and process limits can be established. Nordson ASYMTEK's Easy Coat® software logs all data (amount of material dispensed) to a log file and database. The data is displayed on the computer screen in bar graph format with time history.

High and low limits for dispensed volume are established during product programming. In operation, the PC system controller together with Easy Coat software, monitors the gear-type flow meter when the coating sequence begins. The Easy Coat software records and displays the data on the graph. If the dispensed volume is outside the present range, the system can be programmed to stop and sound an alarm to prevent possible defective products.

The Flow Monitoring system is designed for use with Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Coat® conformal coating systems that are equipped with any of Nordson ASYMTEK's conformal coating applicators.


  • Flow monitoring occurs during production without affecting the cycle rate or increasing material usage
  • Flow monitoring confirms that the correct amount of material is dispensed
  • An operator is alerted when an adjustment is required to prevent possible defective products
  • Stainless steel construction ensures the Flow Monitoring system is compatible with all conformal coating material
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