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Fifth-Axis Tilt Accessory

The Fifth-Axis Tilt Accessory with four-position rotate provides film coater applicators greater flexibility and increased access while conformal coating printed circuit boards

The Fifth-Axis Tilt accessory is ideal for conformal coating of vertical surfaces and underneath components. It enhances access to tight or hard-to-reach areas that may not be achievable with the standard downward approach (0 degrees).

While the nozzle is tilted to 30 degrees, the mechanism can also be rotated in 4 positions - 90-degree increments to direct the fan pattern to the left, right, front or back to coat all four sides of a component.

The tilt uses dual pneumatic motors, which provide smooth, fast and quiet rotate action. The single-action rotate speed is variable using flow controls.

Compatible with the Select Coat® conformal coating system and the SC-204/SC-104 and SC-280N/SC-280C film coater applicators. Controlled through Nordson ASYMTEK's Easy Coat® software.

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