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EasyCoat Software

EasyCoat® software for conformal coating systems provides quick and accurate control with flexibility

Nordson ASYMTEK's EasyCoat® software provides precise conformal coating with process controls and traceability for conformal coating systems. This software enables quick and accurate programming within a standard Windows® environment. Key features include offline programming, virtual masking, and traceability. The result is cost savings, increased throughput, and productivity.

EasyCoat software offers a simple, intuitive, and feature-rich interface. Exact requirements are met and specific operations are achieved through the use of digitally controlled process parameters. The software, written specifically for conformal coating, offers flexibility far beyond generic motion control.

EasyCoat software is based on extensive process knowledge. Programmers can achieve highly customized performance through the use of expert level capabilities that go beyond default settings. The robotic control module grants a programmer total access to control the system by issuing core commands. This includes but is not limited to outputs toggled as part of the program, the creation of I/O and machine state dependencies, the deployment of timers to anticipate specific events, deployment of counters, and issuing of line computer commands. In addition, a programmer can create customized routines to run during program execution or at an alternate designated time. As independent executables, a routine can be assigned to a button to allow operators to access and run it directly from the operator screen.

When preparing a machine for production and to ensure accurate wet dispense results, unique software routines can be used to reduce operator dependencies and assist operators in characterizing conformal coating applicators. Programmers can also customize maintenance routines to fit the specific production environment.

Offline Programming

With EasyCoat software, creating an offline program is simple. Offline programming allows you to reduce the amount of programming time spent at the coating system which leads to increased production time. It's easy to import a digital image and insert the board dimensions. EasyCoat software offers a unique cropping feature to increase image optimization. Once the board is aligned, you can add coating instructions. These instructions can be taught using the digital image and later transferred to a production system when programming is complete. Offline programming in your office avoids production downtime and maximizes productivity, ease of operation, and accuracy.


EasyCoat software has an exclusive Mask Region feature that allows you to teach areas that do not require coating. This virtual masking automatically causes applicators to switch off when approaching a masked region. Once the applicator exits the masking region, it will automatically turn on to apply coating again. Each coating element can be specified whether to respect a mask region or ignore it, enabling a programmer to work with layers of programming instructions. This feature greatly reduces the number of coating instructions and programming time.

Graphical Interface

The intuitive graphical interface further simplifies programming. Process variables can be configured to display graphically so operators can visualize the tolerance as compared to the pre-defined process limits. Furthermore, the visualization enables an operator to detect process trends and intervene before an actual error state occurs - further optimizing uptime.

Traceability Manager

A configurable, traceability manager logs events and variables that are needed for future reference. This traceability manager offers tracking and analysis of production rates, uptime utilization, process variation, process limits, and associated error messages. The optional support of Factory Information System (FIS) and/or Manufacturing Execution System (MES) enables the ultimate quality assurance by respectively tracking performance with key variables and ensuring a predefined process flow within the specific production site.


  • The software features an intuitive interface and user-friendly environment, allowing you to create conformal coating programs within minutes
  • The software incorporates easy-to-use integrated cut, copy, paste and delete functions common in Windows® applications
  • Multiple coating instruction commands can be edited at once, minimizing the time required to make programming and pattern changes
  • Full production line integration is supported through a SMEMA compatible system interface, conveyor and data logging
  • Enables precision control of advanced conformal coating functions such as Laser Fan Width Control and Flow Monitoring
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