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Dual Applicator Bracket

Designed for when two conformal coating applicators are required, the Dual Applicator Bracket can be used for both single-slide and dual-slide operations

  • Single-Slide operation: One valve has a fixed position and the other slides up and down. Typically, the fixed side is position 1 (left side). This set up is used when a tilt mechanism is attached to the SC-300 or SC-400 applicator.
  • Double-Slide operation: The first slide mechanism moves up, away from the substrate while the second one moves down closer to the target area; or vice versa. These simultaneous actions allow the applicator in use to move around the work area while the idle applicator avoids tall components.


  • Improved clearance over the substrate during coating
  • Use with two different conformal coating applicators or two of the same
  • Two configurations available:
    • Single-Slide operation, which can be used with the Four-Position Tilt Accessory
    • Double-Slide operation for full overboard clearance and additional component clearance
  • Easy to change the applicators
  • For use with the Select Coat® conformal coating platforms
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