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IPC APEX Expo 2018

San Diego Convention Center, 111 W Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92101

27 Feb 2018 - 01 Mar 2018

Come see the next generation of state-of-the-art Nordson ASYMTEK dispensing and conformal coating systems - from our newest jetting equipment to our latest coating technologies! 

Booth no. 2114

IPC Apex 2018

Come see the wide range of flexibility in Nordson ASYMTEK’s coating systems:

We will be demonstrating the NEW SC-350 Select Spray™ applicator in the popular Select Coat® SL-940 coating system. The new SC-350 atomizing air spray applicator improves edge definition significantly for spray coating with less masking or clean-up.

The coating demonstration will feature dual-action and the latest EasyCoat® 6 software, which provides precise conformal coating with process control, traceability, and intuitive visual programming for conformal coating systems. Nordson ASYMTEK’s EasyCoat 6 software – The latest, easiest software ever!

We will also be demonstrating the FX-940UV automated coating inspection (ACI) system, providing quality, consistency and thickness of coating under UV lighting with the use of propriety inspection algorithms. With minimal programming, the inspection set-up is fast and intuitive typically requiring less than 30 minutes.

Join Nordson ASYMTEK to see automated fluid dispensing solutions that will feature new dispensing platforms and integrated systems:

We will be demonstrating the NEW Vantage™ fluid dispensing system combined with the award-winning IntelliJet® Jetting System with Readiset Jet Cartridge.This dynamic duo demonstrates remarkable speed and accuracy in an expanded dispense area for applications in high-volume electronics manufacturing. New from the ground up, the Vantage dispensing system is controlled by the completely new dispensing software, Canvas™, with graphical programming and guided wizards.

Another new platform being introduced will be the NEW Helios™ SD-960 dispensing system, featuring new levels of speed and accuracy for bulk and two-component dispensing such as thermal paste, potting, and encapsulation materials. The Helios system will incorporate bulk-dispensing applicators with process controls that protect the accuracy demanded by electronics manufacturers for efficiency and productivity.

The third dispensing platform on display will be the Spectrum™ II Premier automated fluid dispensing system with the NexJet® NJ-8 jetting system with Readiset jet cartridge. The Spectrum II Premier platform will have a built-in automated optical inspection system option that gives immediate feedback for the dispensing process, so course corrections can be made immediately. This ensures that the dispensing results are accurate before moving to the next step in the assembly process, saving time and money.

Nordson ASYMTEK will show two DIMA Hot Bar systems:

The first is the C-Base Bonding/Soldering system, a combination of a C-Flow and a C-Drive module and stands alone from other pulsed heat controllers with its unique integration of responsive temperature control and useful tools such as displacement monitoring and force control, all packaged into an easy to use, multi-language, touch screen interface.

The second is the C-Slide Desktop System for Heat Seal Bonding, ACF Laminating, Hot Bar Reflow Soldering and Heat Staking. The C-Slide desktop system handles the product in a pneumatic slide of two or three positions (max. 150 mm stroke), with a fixture size up to 250 x 250 mm. All kind LCD, Flex foil and PCB connections can be made using these systems.

For more information about the show, visit the IPC APEX EXPO website.

We hope to see you in San Diego!

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