Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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Hoses - Hot Melt Adhesive & Liquid Adhesive

Rugged, durable hot melt and liquid adhesive hoses help reduce operating costs and downtime. Precision fabrication and calibration using the highest quality materials increase glue hose service life in even the most difficult manufacturing environments. Multi-layer construction in hot melt glue hoses improves thermal efficiency and operator safety.

Advanced Technology Hot Melt Hoses

Advanced Technology Hot Melt Hoses Specialized hoses to provide safe, durable performance in hot melt adhesive application/dispensing

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Blue Series™ Hot Melt Hoses with RediFlex™ II Mounting System

Blue Series™ Hot Melt Hoses with RediFlex™ II Mounting System Unique integrated hose hangers combine with tough, easy-to-use mounts to extend hose life and reduce downtime, frequency of replacement and parts costs

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

DuraBraid™ Hoses

DuraBraid™ Hoses Hot melt adhesive hoses that provide exceptional wear and service life in handgun applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Liquid Adhesive Hoses

Liquid Adhesive Hoses Efficiently transport cold adhesive from pumps to pressure regulators, pump filters and guns.

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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