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ProBlue® Fulfill® Adhesive Fill System

The Nordson ProBlue Fulfill integrated melter and fill system helps minimize char by maintaining a consistent level of hot melt in the melter tank. Automatically monitoring the molten adhesive helps eliminate char formation sometimes caused by under filling tank.

The ProBlue Fulfill integrated melter operates with both the new single-feed storage container and the new Nordson multi-feed adhesive storage container that can be configured to feed up to four different melters.
  • Reduced adhesive waste, charring, downtime and rejects

  • Improved operator safety by minimizing contact with hot surfaces & molten adhesive

  • Elimination of downtime due to empty adhesive tanks and clogged nozzles resulting from char and contaminants in tank

  • Decreased rejects due to missed beads or below-temperature adhesive

  • Reduced maintenance costs including nozzle, filter and lid replacements