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Confectionary and Small Pack

The compact, all-electric™ guns with ball and nozzle/seat design provide the high-cycle rates needed in applications such as cigarette tax stamps, coupons, chocolate wrappers and pharmaceutical cap liners. For high-speed packaging applications requiring small dots of adhesive, Nordson guns deliver:
  • Excellent repeatability and consistency

  • Superior small dot pattern control

  • Less adhesive stringing or tailing

  • Precise, high-speed dot placement

Return to Packaging Home Page™ Electric Guns™ Electric Guns All-electric guns provide precise, high-speed dot placement with quiet operation and a long service life in a compact size

Freedom® Hot Melt Dispensing System

Freedom® Hot Melt Dispensing System An integrated tankless system that combines RediFlex Hoses, MiniBlue II with SureBead applicators, and an Optix touch-screen control panel

MiniBlue® II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns

MiniBlue® II Long-Life Hot Melt Dispensing Guns Industry-best service life and performance combine with application flexibility to increase productivity and lower operating costs

Parent Machine Integration Starter Kits

Parent Machine Integration Starter Kits Nordson’s all-inclusive starter kit makes integrating ProBlue® and ProBlue Liberty™ melters into parent machines much easier and faster for PLC engineers.

ProBlue Liberty™ System

ProBlue Liberty™ System Combining tankless technology with the reliable functionality of ProBlue hot melt systems to reduce char, energy, maintenance and downtime on packaging lines

ProBlue® Melters

ProBlue® Melters Reliable piston-pump technology delivers unmatched performance and simple daily operation

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