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Filter Manufacturing

Filter Manufacturing

Produce consistent, high-quality filters as cost-effectively as possible. Nordson adhesive dispensing equipment delivers precise, reliable application to optimize material use in manual or automated processes. As the media, frames and housings used in filter manufacturing encompass a wide variety of substrates, including plastics, metals and paper, an array of dispensed materials is needed for a finished filter. Nordson’s vast product family provides solutions for virtually any adhesive and sealant material and produces a broad range of solid or foamed patterns

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SureBead® Self-Cleaning Hot Melt Guns and Modules

SureBead® Self-Cleaning Hot Melt Guns and Modules Air-open/spring-close and air-open/air-close styles with EasyOn™ module mounting for high-quality adhesive patterns

Ultra FoamMix® Processor Systems

Ultra FoamMix® Processor Systems Mix inert gas with hot melt adhesives for benefits over conventional adhesive dispensing

VersaBlue® Melters

VersaBlue® Melters Tank melters offer quick set-up, easy operation and simplified maintenance in using hot melt adhesive

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