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Nordson and UES Reach Agreement

21 Jul 2016 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson and UES AG reach agreement on UES's infringement of Nordson's European patent

Nordson Corporation Receives Outstanding Performance Award and Energy Saving Award from Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Association at Japan Pack 2015

26 Oct 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson honored at Japan Pack

Variable-dispense Applicator Improves Product Quality and Material Use - News Release

11 Mar 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson Trio triple-shim applicators use mutliple dispense modules to produce different add-on weights / rates in both machine and cross-web directions to improve product quality, production…

Edge Filling and Edge Sealing Applicator For High-Quality Finished Furniture Panel Edges - News Release

17 Feb 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EF 60 V applicator systems enable cost-efficient production of wood panels for high-quality finished edges in furniture production.

Duet Variable Dispense Applicator For Elastic Attachment - News Release

10 Feb 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Patented Nordson Duet applicators deliver different add-on rates to elastic strands to produce high-quality, high-performance elastic features and optimize adhesive use.

Nordson Spectra 30 Pattern Control Systems For Reliable Adhesive Pattern Applications - News Release

30 Oct 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

New Nordson Spectra control systems deliver ease of operation with reliable, consistent adhesive pattern application.

New Edge Banding Slot Applicator Increases Edge Banding Flexibility and Productivity - News Release

20 Aug 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EB 60 Flex applicators for saleable product from the first panel.

TruFlow Single Module Applicators For Improved Production Efficiency & Product Quality - News Release

30 Jul 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

TruFlow applicators optimize adhesive use.

Nordson Corporation’s Swainsboro, Georgia Facility Receives Presidential Award for Exports - News Release

28 May 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson Corporation’s Swainsboro, Georgia facility is an honored recipient of the President’s “E” Award for Exports.

New ProBlue® Liberty™ System Brings Tankless Technology to Nordson - News Release

08 May 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

The tankless technology of Nordson ProBlue Liberty along with the new multi-feed adhesive container helps packagers reduce waste, char, downtime and energy consumption across multiple lines.

VersaBlue Plus Melters For Higher-Quality Nonwovens Disposable Hygiene Manufacturing - News Release

06 May 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

VersaBlue Plus melters offer optional melter-integrated flow monitoring and pattern control for nonwovens disposable hygiene product manufacturing. Produce higher-quality products faster, more…

New Nordson Dual-Sensor GD 500 Improves Glue Volume Monitoring in Corrugated Applications - News Release

19 Feb 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson GD 500 Glue Sensor for Corrugated Applications

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