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Nordson Corporation Receives Outstanding Performance Award and Energy Saving Award from Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturer’s Association at Japan Pack 2015

26 Oct 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson honored at Japan Pack

Variable-dispense Applicator Improves Product Quality and Material Use - News Release

11 Mar 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson Trio triple-shim applicators use mutliple dispense modules to produce different add-on weights / rates in both machine and cross-web directions to improve product quality, production…

Edge Filling and Edge Sealing Applicator For High-Quality Finished Furniture Panel Edges - News Release

17 Feb 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EF 60 V applicator systems enable cost-efficient production of wood panels for high-quality finished edges in furniture production.

Duet Variable Dispense Applicator For Elastic Attachment - News Release

10 Feb 2015 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Patented Nordson Duet applicators deliver different add-on rates to elastic strands to produce high-quality, high-performance elastic features and optimize adhesive use.

Nordson Spectra 30 Pattern Control Systems For Reliable Adhesive Pattern Applications - News Release

30 Oct 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

New Nordson Spectra control systems deliver ease of operation with reliable, consistent adhesive pattern application.

New Edge Banding Slot Applicator Increases Edge Banding Flexibility and Productivity - News Release

20 Aug 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EB 60 Flex applicators for saleable product from the first panel.

TruFlow Single Module Applicators For Improved Production Efficiency & Product Quality - News Release

30 Jul 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

TruFlow applicators optimize adhesive use.

Nordson Corporation’s Swainsboro, Georgia Facility Receives Presidential Award for Exports - News Release

28 May 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson Corporation’s Swainsboro, Georgia facility is an honored recipient of the President’s “E” Award for Exports.

New ProBlue® Liberty™ System Brings Tankless Technology to Nordson - News Release

08 May 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

The tankless technology of Nordson ProBlue Liberty along with the new multi-feed adhesive container helps packagers reduce waste, char, downtime and energy consumption across multiple lines.

VersaBlue Plus Melters For Higher-Quality Nonwovens Disposable Hygiene Manufacturing - News Release

06 May 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

VersaBlue Plus melters offer optional melter-integrated flow monitoring and pattern control for nonwovens disposable hygiene product manufacturing. Produce higher-quality products faster, more…

New Nordson Dual-Sensor GD 500 Improves Glue Volume Monitoring in Corrugated Applications - News Release

19 Feb 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Nordson GD 500 Glue Sensor for Corrugated Applications

Nordson VersaPUR Adhesive Melters Simplify Use of Reactive Polyurethane Adhesives - News Release

18 Feb 2014 - Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Easy-to-clean Nordson VersaPUR tank melters for PUR adhesives

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