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Industrial Laminating Equipment

Improve your laminating process with precision equipment from Nordson

Non-contact material delivery allows for a smooth application of laminate on crucial surfaces, while laminating dies ensure leak-free operation. When you need controlled dispersion of industrial laminating, you’ll find Nordson equipment is some of the best available. Browse below for a list of industrial laminating products designed to provide adjustable and reliable applications, precision coating and dynamic mixing. Contact us for more information about our industrial laminating equipment and learn how we can help you find the solution you need.

AltaSlot™ Applicators

AltaSlot™ Applicators Continuous or intermittent hot melt adhesive application for variety of applications including disposable hygiene

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

BC Coating & Laminating Applicators

BC Coating & Laminating Applicators Adjustable, wide-width coating for reliable intermittent and continuous applications

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Control Coat® QE Applicators

Control Coat® QE Applicators Non-contact material delivery improves manufacturing and quality of nonwovens disposable hygiene articles

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EP 11 Slot Applicators

EP 11 Slot Applicators High-quality intermittent coating with precise adhesive cutoff and control

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

EPC™ Extrusion Coating & Laminating Dies

EPC™ Extrusion Coating & Laminating Dies Ensure leak-free operation and allow for convenient routine maintenance with Nordson's unique dual deckle and end seal system.

Polymer Processing Systems

EZ Coat Slot Applicators

EZ Coat Slot Applicators Reliable application for low- to mid-speed adhesive bonding processesContinuous or intermittent hot melt adhesive application for variety of applications including disposable hygiene

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Products and Solutions from Nordson DIMA

Nordson DIMA is proud to be part of the Nordson family of businesses, which includes a full suite of surface treatment and test and inspection products. Our new brand identity reflects this…

Nordson Corporation

Universal™ Slice Applicator

Universal™ Slice Applicator Metering add-on technology for adhesive dispensing flexibility with optimized adhesive consumption

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

Valves - 2151-482 Series

Valves - 2151-482 Series The Power Static Mix Valve (PSM) Valve is the ideal solution for dynamic mixing of two-component materials when static mixing is not adequate.

Industrial Coating Systems

Wide Web Spray Lamination Applicator

Wide Web Spray Lamination Applicator Control adhesive fiber deposition in a cross-web direction to improve bond performance

Adhesive Dispensing Systems

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