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UV Curing

Nordson UV equipment is used in the life sciences industry to cure lubricious coatings on guide wires and balloon catheters.  Medical manufacturers are discovering the benefits of the low-heat properties incorporated into Nordson UV curing systems. The absence of heat generation in the UV curing process does not degrade lubricious coatings, assuring that the guidewires that push along artery walls maintain superior quality.

In addition, Nordson UV systems are used to cure many medical devices bonded with UV adhesives, including anesthesia masks and resuscitator bags. The Nordson conveyor unit is also used by eyeglass lenses manufacturers to cure UV material applied as a scratch-resistant hard coating.  Nordson UV  systems are also ideal for laboratory use and as a perfect bench-top system.

For every application, Nordson and its affiliates provide the most advanced technology and process expertise, resulting in the highest reliability for our customers' products.

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UV curing systems