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Surface Treatment

The continuing convergence of the medical device and pharmaceutical industries in the form of combination products – such as drug-eluting stents – has resulted in the use of new coating materials with properties that are often difficult to balance. 

Radio-frequency, low-pressure plasma treatment is an efficient, environmentally friendly method of surface preparation prior to bonding, deposition and coating. Plasma treatment provides increased bond strength, wettability, permeability, hydrophobicity, and biocompatibility. Plasma cleaning removes organic and inorganic materials that prohibit desired bond strengths without affecting the bulk properties. Plasma treatment can add functional groups to a surface at the molecular level, changing surface chemistries for improved lubricity and surface adhesion.

For every application, Nordson and its affiliates provide the most advanced dispensing technology and process expertise, resulting in the highest reliability for our customers' products.

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Plasma applications for medical device manufacture