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Pharmaceutical manufacturers are ever-conscious of quality, continuous improvement and cost efficiency.  As a result, finding the right partner to help develop and execute your products is critical.  Nordson brings unmatched engineering expertise and application support to pharmaceutical manufacturers, offering a wide range of fluid dispensing options to keep you productive and profitable.

Nordson systems are ideal for use in fluid dispensing for pharmaceutical applications.  For example, Nordson non-contact, jet dispensing valves can be used for pill coating, applying precise deposits of material without touching the substrate.  Jetting technology minimizes the use of expensive coating materials, and the non-contact feature is also critical for avoiding contamination.

In addition, as the medical device and pharmaceutical industries continue to converge in the development of combination products, Nordson valves are ideal for dispensing drugs on devices like stents, catheters and prosthetics.  Accurate and reliable, Nordson valves provide high-performance in this emerging market.

As always, Nordson holds its products to the highest quality standards.  Our experts will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs.  From concept to completion, our team stays with you to assure your satisfaction and productivity.

Products & Technology
Fluid dispensing for pharmaceuticals
Fluid dispensing for combination products
Jetting technology for pill coating
Jet dispensing pharmaceutical solids suspended in liquid with the DispensJet® valve