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Medical Electronics and Lab-on-a-Chip

Medical Electronics
As medical devices get smaller and more sophisticated, so do the components that operate them.  Nordson ASYMTEK pioneered the process of underfilling flip chip components more than 20 years ago. Today, our high-speed automated systems are used by medical electronic manufacturers to accurately apply epoxies to these tiny parts, which are being used increasingly in hearing aids, defibrillators and pacemakers.

Nordson also makes lead-free solder paste, which is formulated for air- or valve-dispensing of micro-deposits in the solder assembly of medical electronic components.

The underfill process for flip chip packaging can present unique challenges, particularly with designs that include large die, tight gaps, and high-density ball placement. March’s plasma technology has proven to increase surface energy, improve wicking speeds and reduce underfill flow-out times.

Nordson DAGE bond testing products are used to make manufacturing quality checks on the electronic interconnections used in a variety of complex medical devices and components. Because these devices may be used in vivo – such as with pacemakers – Nordson DAGE systems can help you meet the stringent manufacturing standards required by the life sciences industry.

For every application, Nordson and its affiliates provide the most advanced dispensing technology and process expertise, resulting in the highest reliability for our customers' products.

Products & Technology
Medical Electronics Applications
Automated precision dispensing systems
Dispensing for Lab-on-Chip and Microfluidic Array Assembly
Soldering systems
Medical device assembly using jet dispensing for underfill applications 
Plasma surface treatment systems