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Medical Devices

Nordson's Value Plastics product line provides critcal fluid management functions in a wide vareity of medical devices.  The product line includes quick connect fittings, luer fittings, check valves, tube-to-tube fittings, threaded fittings and blood pressure monitoring components.  These products are generally low dollar cost, high value-add, mission-critical components of the larger systems they enable. Major applications for these products include general insufflation, irrigation and aspiration sets, single-use container systems, anesthesia, cardiovascular surgery, ophthalmic surgery, cataract surgery and blood management. 

Nordson systems are also widely used in the assembly of medical devices.  For years, manufacturers have used our bench-top dispensing systems to bond together pacemakers, catheters, blood filters and many other devices associated with dialysis, anesthesia delivery, ventilators, respirators and disposables.  In addition, our automated valves apply precise, minute amounts of cyanoacrylates, UV-cure adhesives and two-part epoxies for needle-hub bonding, syringe assembly and catheter manufacturing. 

As new coatings are developed and win regulatory approval, trust Nordson to provide accurate, reliable application equipment to dispense them.  Nordson EFD offers a complete line of low-volume, low-pressure spray valves to coat various medical devices, including drug-eluting stents, prosthetics, guide wires and medical syringes. These valves are also used to apply a variety of protein solutions to point-of-care test strips.

Many medical device manufacturers also employ Nordson's hot melt adhesive dispensing systems in their operations. These reliable systems bring speed, precision and cost-efficiency to the assembly of many products, including kidney dialysis equipment, ostomy bags and blood filters.  Nordson also supplies systems for surface modification of medical devices using plasma and for UV curing.

High reliability and reproducibility are crucial in the manufacture of medical devices. Manufacturing challenges include the ability to effectively bond non-compatible materials (e.g., non-stick coatings to plastic), apply coatings to hydrophobic materials with low wettability characteristics, and contamination removal. Plasma systems from March provide processes to increase bond strength, wettability, hydrophobicity and biocompatibility. Plasma cleaning removes organic materials that prohibit desired bond strength.

As always, Nordson holds its products to the highest quality standards.  Our experts will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs.  From concept to completion, our team stays with you to assure your satisfaction and productivity.

Products & Technology
Fluid management components - quick connect fittings, check valves, tube-to-tube fittings, threaded fittings
Benchtop dispensing systems
Low-volume, low-pressure dispensing systems
Plasma surface treatment systems
Automated precision dispensing systems
UV curing systems
Hot melt adhesive dispensing systems
Powder coating for medical instruments
Dispensing for Lab-on-Chip and Microfluidic Array Assembly