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Fluid Jetting

Jetting applies precise amounts of material quickly and accurately without touching the substrate, and offers advantages over traditional needle dispensing to deliver speed, quality and low cost of ownership.  

Jetting technology minimizes the use of expensive materials such as DNA and medical reagents.  Its non-contact feature avoids contamination in biomedical applications.  Jetting has been used for years in the electronics and semiconductor industries. 

The Asymtek DispenseJet DJ-9000 valve works on several types of automated dispensing platforms that also incorporate advanced process control functions to manage the dispensing process.

The Nordson Aerocoat system produces thin film builds on substrates using a cross-cut airless spray nozzle.

For every application, Nordson and its affiliates provide the most advanced dispensing technology and process expertise, resulting in the highest reliability for our customers' products. 

Products & Technology

DJ-9000 DispenseJetĀ® Valve
White paper:  AerocoatĀ® Super Thin Film Coating System (PDF 112KB)
Technical paper:  Medical Device Assembly using Jet Dispensing for Underfill Applications (PDF 217KB)
Dispensing for Lab-on-Chip and Microfluidic Array Assembly